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How does this work?

With monzoon prepaid DSL, you pay the monthly service fee in advance. Think of a prepaid mobile phone: you charge your prepaid account with a certain amount, and the fees are deducted from that balance. If your balance runs low, you need to recharge it so your connection keeps working.

And just like with a prepaid mobile phone, you're not tied to a subscription — you can cancel anytime.

We accept payments via e-banking, credit card, PostFinance, TWINT, PayPal and at the post office.

How much and how often do I have to recharge my account?
As much and as often as you like! For example, you can recharge just enough for the next month, or enough for several months. Billing is not based on calendar months, but rather starting from the day your line was first activated. Example: you have ordered a new line and paid for one month. Your line is activated on March 10 and billed for March 11 through April 10. Therefore, another monthly fee needs to be on your account by April 10.
What happens if I forget to recharge my account?
We'll help you to keep this from happening by reminding you in time via e-mail and optionally also via SMS. If you don't recharge your account within 7 days after receiving a reminder, your Internet access will be disconnected.
Do I need a phone line from Swisscom?
No. If you give us the phone number or the name of the former tenant (or your old phone number if you intend to cancel your phone line or have already cancelled it), your new DSL connection will use the same existing line into your apartment.
Otherwise, you need to have an electrician make the connection from the building's phone distribution box into your apartment (usually, the wiring is already there and only needs to be connected to the right contact).
What happens after I order? How long does it take?
After you've placed your order and paid the first month's fee, we will start implementing your DSL line. This typically takes between 5 and 10 business days. As soon as your line has been connected, we will inform you via e-mail and SMS.
If you have specified the previous tenant when ordering the DSL line, all you need to do is to connect the modem/router and the necessary filter/splitter, and you can start surfing. Otherwise, we'll tell you the number of the contact in the building's phone distribution box. Given this information, you can then have an electrician connect it to a socket in your apartment.
Can I have a static IP address?
Yes, on request we will provide you with a static IP address free of charge. You can order it in MyAccount (under "details" of the line).
All prices in CHF (incl. VAT)